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Posted September 13, 2020 in section News

The appEnhancer review rules have been designed to make sure that the reviews provide helpful and relevant feedback to the app owners. That creates a value for them and also helps to boost their apps in the store charts. Following these rules, your reviews are more likely to be accepted by the app owners and also by our administrators when resolving the disputes.

Both Google and Apple also have their rules for making sure that the reviews written by their user communities are relevant and provide a real value. Reviews that are not compliant with their rules will be considered invalid and will be removed. Users that continuously post reviews that are invalid might even be blacklisted, causing most of the reviews from those accounts to be removed automatically.  

One of the most common reasons for review disputes is that the review has been removed by Google or Apple. We have seen that in virtually all of these cases, the reviews don't follow our review rules. Some frequent mistakes are:

  • Posting the same text in multiple reviews.
  • Writing generic text that doesn't say anything specific about the app. 
  • Posting reviews without downloading the app.
  • Not using the app long enough before reviewing or not keeping it installed long enough.

By following our reviews rules, you minimize the risk of getting your reviews removed or even worse, getting your entire Google or Apple account blacklisted. If your account has been blacklisted, you need to create a new Google or Apple account and do all your reviews from that account, making sure that you follow the review rules. Good luck with your reviewing!

The appEnhancer team


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