My Account

How do I change my account information?
Log in to your account, then choose "MY ACCOUNT" from the top menu and then "SETTINGS".
Can my personal information be viewed by others?
The only personal information about you that others can see is the review name or alias you choose when using the app review services.
How can I get a copy of all my personal information at appEnhancer?
Just contact us and state that you want a copy of your personal information.

App Reviews

What kind of apps can I add?
You can add all apps that follow the rules of Google Play and the App Store. Please note that paid apps are currently not supported.
How many apps can I add to my account?
You can add an unlimited number of apps to your account.
How do I add an app?
Get the store url of your app by navigating to it in a browser and copy the url. Choose "APP REVIEWS" in the top menu then "MY APPS". If your app is in more than one store, repeat the procedure for the other store.
When I add an app, an error message says that it has already been added. Why?
An app can only be added once at appEnhancer. If you get this error message, it means that your app is already added in another account. If you suspect that someone else has added your app, please contact us.
What app stores do you support?
We support Google Play and the App Store.
Can I add paid apps?
Paid apps are currently not supported.
How do I give a review?
On your Android or iOS mobile device, log in to appEnhancer, choose "APP REVIEWS" in the top menu and then "REVIEW APP". You will be presented with an app to review on the same platform as your device. Follow the link to the store to download and install the app on your device. Once you have properly evaluated it following our review rules, upload a screenshot of your review and submit. The receiver will then have three days to accept or reject it. If no action is taken by the receiver, the review is automatically accepted after three days. When the review has been accepted, you will receive 1 point for it.
Can I choose which apps to review?
If you can't review an app for some reason, you can skip it and move on to the next. Please note that skipping should only be used when absolutely necessary and that there is a limit to how many apps you can skip in a week. Once you skip an app, it will no longer appear in your list of apps to review.
Can I reject a received review?
After getting a review, you have three days to reject it if it doesn't follow our review rules, your custom instructions (premium plans only) or if it has been removed by Apple or Google. If you reject it, you have three days to resolve the dispute together with the reviewer. If the dispute hasn't been resolved after that period, it will be settled by our administrators.
What are the rules to follow when reviewing an app?
When submitting a review, you have to agree to the following:

  • Your review is at least 10 words and has a constructive and positive tone.
  • Your rating for the app is at least 4 stars.
  • You have followed the app owner's review instructions, if provided.
  • You have written a unique review specifically for the app you have reviewed.
  • The app will remain installed on your device for at least three days.
  • You have used the app long enough to develop an honest opinion about it.
  • Your screenshot accurately shows your submitted review on Google Play or the App Store.
  • You have downloaded and used the app on a real mobile device.
  • Your reviews are made at least fifteen minutes apart.
  • You are following the review rules of Google Play and the App Store.

Any violation of these review rules will result in a warning. If you are warned too many times, your access to the App Review service will be blocked.

Why can't I see a review that I got?
It can take a few hours up to a few days before reviews are visible in Google Play or the App Store. Please note that in both Google Play and the App Store, reviews are only visible in the country where they were given. Reviews can also be deleted by Apple or Google if considered invalid for some reason. Unfortunately, we have no control over the decisions made by Apple or Google, but our review rules are designed specifically to minimize the risk of reviews being deleted.
Can I give an app any rating?
appEnhancer is about giving honest feedback to developers regarding their work. However, if you feel that you can't give 4 or 5 stars when reviewing an app or if you have nothing positive to say about it, you should just skip that app with a message to the author why you skipped it.
Why do I have to wait for three days to get my point for a review?
The owner of an app that gets a review has three days to reject the review in case it violates our review rules or any specific review instructions. Also, waiting three days before the review is accepted ensures that the review hasn't been deleted by Google or Apple.
What does each of the premium plan levels contain?
  • App slots: the number of apps that you can add to your account to receive reviews for.
  • Review queue speed: the speed with which you advance to the top of the review queue to get a new review.
  • Submit reviews per day: the maximum allowed number of reviews that you can submit per day.
  • Receive reviews per day: the maximum number of reviews that you can get for your apps per day.
  • App skips per week: the maximum number of apps that you are allowed to skip each week when reviewing.
  • Custom review instructions: specific instructions that you can give to other users on how you want your reviews to be written, what keywords they should contain etc.
  • Custom review countries: the specific store countries that you want to get reviews from.
  • View skip reports: detailed reports about why users have chosen to skip your apps when reviewing.
  • Priority support: when you are logged in and use the contact form you get help before everyone else.
  • Daily review limit: limit the number of reviews that you can receive per 24 hours.
  • Free points per month: points that are credited to your account each month without having to do reviews.
Why do I sometimes get so few reviews?
The number of reviews that you get depends entirely on the reviewing activity level of our users. The activity level can temporarily vary for a number of reasons. However, the more reviews our users do, the more reviews everyone will receive.