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There are literally millions of apps that are competing for the attention of store visitors. Having a great app is one thing but getting noticed in an endless list of other apps is another. What makes your apps stand out from the crowd? How will your apps get more attention than the others? We get it, you probably care more about developing and creating than about marketing and promoting but without that, your app will just be another app.

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App store optimiztion chart
App store optimiztion chart


App store optimization is an essential tool to improve the sales and the organic growth of your apps. Executing it effectively for substantial, lasting results requires professional experience and dedicated resources. It's about optimizing your store presence for improved search visibility and actual installs to gain a distinct advantage over your competitors. The strategy to make this happen contains a number of components:

  • Understanding your target audience and your competitors. To create an optimal strategy for your apps, you need to know what you are up against. A global market and competitor analysis, including seasonal and national trends is essential in creating your path to success.
  • Defining the market roadmap for your app. Having a clearly defined vision and strategy for where you want to take your app is crucial for planning ahead. To reach your goals, all marketing efforts need to be focused and synchronized around the vision and strategy.
  • Optimizing the copy and graphical content of your app page. In marketing, appearance means everything. The text and the imagery on your app page need to be the best within copywriting and graphic design. The better the presentation of the product, the more likely customers are to install it.
  • Improving your store search ads campaigns. To maximize the effect of your advertisement budget, the timing, scope and target of your campaigns need to be to the point. Accurate campaigns will make the app be perceived as more relevant as it will appear in more relevant searches.
  • Identifying optimal keywords. In both app stores and search engines, searches are usually done using keywords. That means that your app needs to be associated with just the right keywords. As trends change, keywords change and your keywords need to follow along.
  • Localization strategies. People like to shop in their own language, even if the product itself is only available in English. Localization strengthens the users' feeling of familiarity and comfort. It increases the likelihood of having a favorable view of the product, which translates into a higher probability of installing and purchasing.

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